Call for Applications and Proposals

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The Law and Society Association invites applications to serve as Executive Officer for a five-year, renewable term commencing in fall 2018. LSA is also seeking a long-term institutional home for its executive office and staff beginning in fall, 2018.

The Executive Office handles all day-to-day business of the Association and coordinates all LSA activities, including the annual meeting, the Association web site, the publishing contract for the Law & Society Review, and governance activities of its Board of Trustees. LSA plans to hire an Executive Officer to serve as its principal administrator concurrently with, or shortly after, its long-term institutional home is determined. In addition to the Executive Officer, staffing for the Executive Office is expected to include approximately three staff members (one of whom would be working half-time).

We seek applications and nominations for both the Executive Officer position and the future office location. The applications may be bundled where the proposed host institution and the executive officer applicant will be co-located. Applications may also be addressed separately, as noted below.

Executive Officer Position

The Executive Officer position entails a range of administrative and substantive duties related to effective management, conceptual leadership and implementation of goals and policies, work with officers and members, and representation of the Association to external groups. The Executive Officer carries out professional activities designed to promote the interests of the Association and its programmatic activities, member relations, administrative and financial management of the Association, coordination of activities involved in site selection and conduct of the Annual Meeting, and related programmatic and management responsibilities consonant with the scholarly objectives of the Association. The level of commitment is expected to be .75 to 1.0 FTE (negotiable) for a five-year term and is renewable for additional terms.

The Law and Society Association is open to various models for staffing this position. The EO may have experience as a scholar with interests in the area of Law and Society, an academic administrator, or an administrative professional with experience managing academic associations or similar organizations. We welcome expressions of interest in the position of Executive Officer from persons who either (1) would apply jointly with a prospective institutional host, (2) would be willing to relocate to the institutional host, or (3) would be willing to work with the Executive Office staff from a remote location.

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LSA Office Location Proposals

Founded in 1964, LSA is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation. LSA is the premier international scholarly association for the multidisciplinary study of law, with over 1500 members, one third of whom come from outside of the United States. As the central hub of this interdisciplinary field, LSA connects a rich web of academic networks, scholarly exchanges, and funding opportunities on socio-legal research. A host institution would enjoy the regard and standing of LSA and would benefit from the scholarly networks and funding opportunities associated with the LSA's connections.

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The Search Committee welcomes all inquiries and ideas for possible host institutions and executive officers, and expects to begin reviewing and responding to written proposals by March 31, 2017. Please forward this information to any individual or institution you believe may be interested and appropriate.