Vote Now for LSA Trustees!

The 2013 LSA election is open to members for voting until October 31st. The Association is committed to membership participation in governance and to diversity in leadership. We strongly encourage you to vote.

We emailed members' election login information on September 3rd. If you cannot find your email, please contact the LSA office at

The Election is for the Trustee Class of 2016.

The Candidates for Trustee, Class of 2016. Officers will be elected next year. The Class of 2016 has eight members, so please vote for up to eight candidates. The individual receiving the greatest number of votes will also represent the Class on the Executive Committee and the Association’s Audit Committee. Trustees will serve November, 2013 – November 2016:

Nicole Martorano Van Cleve, Temple University
Rob Castro, California State University - Fullerton
Rebecca Sandefur, University of Illinois
Liora Israel, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
Vilma Santiago-Irizarry, Cornell University
Zev Eigen, Northwestern University
Annie Bunting, York University - Toronto
Tom Burke, Wellesley College
Karina Ansolabehere, FLACSO- Mexico
Ajay Mehrotra, University of Indiana
Lucy Salyer, University of New Hampshire
Marianne Constable, University of California - Berkeley

Candidates' biographies are shown on the ballot by clicking the red folder icon at the top of the ballot or by clicking the icon next to each name.

Thank you for voting.

Best regards,

Susan Olson, Executive Officer