Welcome to LSATalk, an exclusive email list for Law and Society Association members. As part of your membership, you can send emails to the list and gain access to job postings, grant opportunities, and discussions on sociolegal issues. We do not sell access to this list or any personal information to solicitors or other organizations. Members are automatically added to the listserv, and will be removed at the end of the calendar year unless membership is renewed. Opting out of the public membership directory when joining LSA does not automatically opt you out of this list. To opt out of this members-only list, click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of your welcome email. Because the list is re-populated each year, you may have to unsubscribe each year you join LSA. Please note that if you post a message, your name and email will be displayed. If you would like to message the group but do not want your email displayed, send your message to lsa@lawandsociety.org and we can post it for you. To request a digest email (to come once daily), please email the office.

LSATalk rules:

The following suggested guidelines are intended to make the LSATalk electronic mailing list valuable and productive for all subscribers. LSA ensures that only current members are subscribed to the list. LSA expects and believes its members will adhere to basic confidentiality requests; however, members who post items to this forum do so at their own risk. No one should feel that there is an absolute guarantee that any messages they post will not be forwarded to third parties.

Stay on point. This listserve is a tool for scholars and professionals to exchange best practices and ideas, distribute relevant job and funding opportunities, and discuss other activities and topics pertaining to the sociolegal field. Please limit the content of the messages to appropriate themes.
Identify yourself. Please sign your message with your full name and organizational affiliation. Among other things, this gives your colleagues the opportunity to consult directly with you on questions or issues that may have come up in the discussion.
Provide a subject line. Posting a subject line that reflects your message's contents enables your colleagues to prioritize their reading.
If possible avoid attachments and images. Attachments can be very useful, but can also be incompatible with your audience's software, interfere with email security, or come up against storage limits.
Be careful with replies. It is important to remember that all messages and replies posted to the list are sent to the entire list. If you intend to reply to only one person, please e-mail that person directly, not via LSATalk. When possible, avoid replies that include prior correspondence since long messages tend to slow the process. Do not use auto-replies or send "me too" messages.
Misuse. Postings to the list should never make disparaging remarks about any individuals or organizations, use vulgar or offensive language, espouse extreme political views, or solicit for political candidates or products and services for purchase. The Law and Society Association in its sole discretion may, at any time and from time to time and without notice, remove postings that are deemed objectionable and ban subscribers who have violated these guidelines.

Helpful tips:
• To opt-out of the LSATalk listserve, send an email to lsatalk+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. You will have to do this with each new membership renewal.
• Creating email rules: To have all emails from LSATalk sent to a reserved folder in your email account (rather than the general inbox), first create a separate folder (i.e. LSATalk Emails). Next you can go to your email account settings, select “create a new rule,” then “move messages sent to a public group to a folder.” Then you can apply the rule to messages sent from the LSATalk email address and review incoming messages at your convenience.