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Founded in the United States over 45 years ago, the Association has attracted people from all over the world. Over one quarter of the members and almost a third of the people recently elected to the Association's Board of Trustees come from outside the United States. Many scholars from outside the United States regularly attend our annual meetings. The Law and Society Association annual meetings provide a forum for scholars from many counties, and include regularly scheduled meetings outside the United States. At the annual meetings, a significant number of panels and roundtables deal with international and comparative topics.

After meetings jointly sponsored with the Research Committee on the Sociology of Law in Amsterdam in 1991 and in Glasgow in 1996, the Association increased further its special emphasis on law and society activities and scholarship in different parts of the world. While all of its meetings retain their first commitments to law and society scholarship without geographical emphasis, many have had a distinct outreach focus. In 2000, the Miami Beach meeting drew in Latin American scholars and Eastern European scholars through the newly established Collaborative Research Networks (CRNs). In 2001, the Budapest meeting continued the participation of the CRNs with greater focus on Central/Eastern Europe and former Soviet states. The meeting attracted almost 1,500 participants from 57 countries. The 2002 meeting in Vancouver presented law and society scholarship from Canada, the United States, and elsewhere in the Pacific Rim and drew an attendance of over 1,200 participants from 46 countries. In 2007, LSA again returned to Europe for the largest international law and society meeting to date. Over 2,400 scholars from 70 countries were in attendance. The number of participating CRNs and International Research Consortia (created especially for this meeting), more than doubled from previous meetings the number of specialized sessions organized around the research of members. For the 2008 meeting in Quebec, attendance approached 2,000 people and 56 countries were represented.

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