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The LSA membership drive seeks to reach people in all countries. Membership dues are set by income level in a scale based on U.S. dollars (conversion from other currencies may be required) and apply to all members.  However, a membership for those from low-middle income economies, classified the World Bank, a "Special International Membership" category is also offered. Eligible international scholars may join the Association paying a reduced annual membership fee. Member privileges in the special international membership category are identical to those of all other members (e.g. they include voting rights, reduced meeting registration fees, etc.) with one exception: they will not receive hard copies of the Law & Society Review, but instead will have free online access to the Review through the Wiley-Blackwell Publishers' site. Members in countries of low and middle income economies who wish to receive a hard copy of the Review may do so by paying regular dues based on annual income. 

For a complete list of countries classified by income levels and to find out whether the international membership terms apply to you, please check here

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