We've Moved!


For more information, please visit http://buildingjustice.law.utah.edu/index.php


The Law and Society Association is pleased to announce that we have moved into the new S.J. Quinney College of Law building, at the University of Utah.

Please note our new postal address:

Law and Society Association
383 South University Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

This new building features:

  • A dynamic conference center to provide a venue for the College of Law, the university, and the community to discuss and debate the issues of our time
  • A floor plan that enables the College of Law to pursue its vision as an innovative teaching hospital for law by emphasizing service & simulated experience
  • The library as spine to generate intelligence at the core of program
  • A collaborative research facility to enable and encourage faculty-student interaction
  • Nimble technology, including blended classrooms, simulation-centric spaces, and mobile technology
  • Universal access to allow seamless physical & cognitive accommodations
  • An extremely efficient design to promote sustainability, save energy, and conserve water