Next Law & Society Review Editors Appointed

The Law and Society Association is pleased to announce our new Law & Society Review Journal editors for 2019 - 2021.


Rebecca Sandefur
Arizona State University

Rebecca L. Sandefur is Professor in the School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University and Faculty Fellow at the American Bar Foundation, where she founded and leads the Access to Justice Research Initiative. Her research investigates access to civil justice from every angle -- from how legal services are delivered and consumed, to how civil legal aid is organized around the nation, to the role of pro bono, to the relative efficacy of lawyers, nonlawyers and digital tools as advisers and representatives, to how ordinary people think about their justice problems and try to resolve them. In 2013, Sandefur was The Hague Visiting Chair in the Rule of Law. In 2015, she was named Champion of Justice by the National Center for Access to Justice. In 2018, she was named a MacArthur Fellow for her work on inequality and access to justice. She is currently Editor of Law & Society Review.


Jennifer Balint
University of Melbourne

Book Review Editor

Jennifer Balint is Senior Lecturer in Socio-Legal Studies in the Discipline of Criminology, School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her work considers the constitutive role of law, with a focus on genocide and state crime. She is a co-researcher on the Minutes of Evidence Project, a collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, education experts, performance artists, community members and government and community organizations to promote new modes of publicly engaging with historical and structural injustice and develop a new conceptual field around structural justice. Her book, Genocide, State Crime and the Law: In the Name of the State, a comparative and socio-legal analysis that critically explores the use and role of law in the perpetration, redress and prevention of mass harm by the state was published by GlassHouse/Routledge in 2012.

She is currently a visiting fellow at the International State Crime Initiative at Queen Mary University of London, and has been a visiting fellow at the Centre for International and Public Law at the Australian National University, an invited scholar to the University of Leuven, was the representative for Oceania for the establishment of the International Criminal Bar, and sat on the Board of Management of Fitzroy Legal Service.