LSA Article Prize Winners



Title and Publisher

2017 Forrest Stuart
University of Chicago
Becoming Copwise: Policing, Culture, and the Collateral Consequences of Street Level Criminalization,
Law & Society Review 50(2) (2016): 279-313
2016 Ashley T. Rubin
University of Toronto
A Neo-Institutional Account of Prison Diffusion
Law & Society Review 2015
2015 Kathryne Young
Stanford University
Everyone Knows the Game: Legal Consciousness in the Hawaiian Cockfight
Law & Society Review, 2014
2014 Issa Kohler-Hausmann
New York University
Managerial Justice and Mass Misdemeanor published in the September 2013 volume of The American Journal of Sociology
2013 Alexandra Natapoff
Loyola Law School, Los Angeles 
Misdemeanors,Southern California Law Review 85: 1313-1375
2012 Lauren B. Edelman, Linda H. Krieger, Scott R. Eliason, Catherine Albiston, and Virginia Mellema “When Organizations Rule: Judicial Deference to Institutionalized Employment Structures” American Journal of Sociology 117: 888-954 (2011)
2011 Joseph A. Conti “Learning to Dispute: Repeat Participation, Expertise, and Reputation at the World Trade Organization” Law & Social Inquiry 35:1, 625-62 (2010)
2010 Anders Walker “The Violent Bear It Away: Emmett Till and the Modernization of Law Enforcement in Mississippi” 46 San Diego Law Review 459, 2009
2009 Terence C. Halliday and Bruce G. Carruthers

John Hagan, Gabrielle Ferrales, and Guillermina Jasso (co-winners)
“The Recursivity of Law: Global Norm Making and National Lawmaking in the Globalization of Corporate Insolvency Regimes" American Journal of Sociology 112(January): 1135-1202 (2007)

"How Law Rules: Torture, Terror, and the Normative Judgments of Iraqi Judges," Law & Society Review 42(3): 605-643 (2008)
2008 James J. Willis, Stephen D. Mastrofski, and David Weisburd “Making Sense of COMPSTAT: A Theory‑Based Analysis of Organizational Change in Three Police Departments” Law and Society Review 41(1): 147‑188 (2007)
2007 Eric Feldman “The Tuna Court: Law and Norms in the World’s Premier Fish Market” California Law Review 94: 313-69. (2007)
2006 Joachim J. Savelsberg
and Ryan D. King
"Institutionalizing Collective Memories of Hate: Law and Law Enforcement in Germany and the United States" American Journal of Sociology, 111, 2 (2005) 579-616.
2005 Lucy E. Salyer "Baptism by Fire: Race, Military Service, and U.S. Citizenship Policy, 1918B1935" The Journal of American History, Vol. 91, No. 3, December 2004: 847 876
2004 Paul Frymer "Acting When Elected Officials Won't: Federal Courts and Civil Rights Enforcements in U.S. Labor Unions, 1935-95," 97(3) American Political Science Review, 1-17 (2003)
2003 Susan Bibler Coutin, Bill Maurer, and Barbara Yngvesson "In the Mirror: The Legitimation Work of Globalization," 27 Law & Social Inquiry, 801 (2002)
2002 James Liebman (co-winner)

Laura Beth Nielsen (co-winner)
"The Overproduction of Death," Columbia Law Review 100 (2000) 2030-2156

"Situating Legal Consciousness: Experiences and Attitudes of Ordinary Citizens about Law and Street Harassment, Law & Society Review, (2000), 1055-1090
2001 Scott Phillips and
Ryken Grattett
"Judicial Rhetoric: Meaning Making and the Institutionalization of Hate Crime Law," 34 Law & Society Review 567-606
2000 Mary Vogel, Bruce Western and Katherine Becket "The Social Origins of Plea Bargaining: Conflict and the Law in the Process of State Formation, 1830-1860," 33 Law & Society Review 161-246

"How Unregulated Is the U.S. Labor Market? The Penal System as a Labor Market Institution," 104 American Journal of Sociology, 1030-1060.
1999 Gregory C. Sisk, Michael Heise, and Andrew P. Morriss "Charting the Influence of the Judicial Mind" New York University Law Review, 73(5):1377-1499
1998 David M. Engel and Frank W. Munger "Rights, Remembrance, and the Reconciliation of Difference" Law & Society Review 30:1, pp 7-54