LSA Student Undergraduate (U)
and Gratduate (G) Paper Prize Winners


U / G


Paper Title


2017 U Mitchell Santos Toledo
University of California, Berkeley
Liminal Legality and Legal Consciousness: Undocumented Student Responses to DACA Lauren Edelman & Leti Volpp, University of California, Berkeley 
G Erin Adam
University of Washington
Intersectional Coalitions: The Paradoxes of Rights-Based Movement Building in LGBTQ and Immigrant Communities Michael McCann, University of Washington
2016 U Allison Cano
Simon Fraser University
A Matter of Personal Status: Women’s Legal Rights and the Making of Family Law in Post-2003 Iraq Tamir Moustafa, Simon Fraser University
G Ayako Hirata
Kyoto University
Regulation In-Between: How Does Inter-Office Interaction Matter for Street-Level Regulatory Enforcement? Calvin Morrill, University of California,Berkley
2015 U Matthew Mitchell
University of Melbourne
Producing Black Collar Crime Through Discourse: The Changing Relationship Between State Law and the Catholic Church Jennifer Balint, University of Melbourne
G Hassan El Menyawi
New York University
The Great Reversal David Greenberg, New York University
2014 U Alison Gocke
Princeton University
Visions of the Land: Cartography and Environmental Philosophy in the Old Northwest Professor Hendrik Hartog
G Issa Kohler-Hausmann
New York University
Misdemeanor Justice: Control without Conviction David Greenberg and Malcom Feeley
2013 U Carter Greenbaum
Princeton University
Stories to Monies: Sociological Perspectives on the Meaning of Money In International Commercial Mediation Kim Lane Scheppele, Princeton University
G Amy Myrick
Northwestern University
Facing Your Criminal Record:  Expungement and the Collateral Problem of Wrongfully Represented Self  Laura Beth Nielsen, Northwestern University and American Bar Foundation
2012 U Chase S. Burton,
University of California, Berkeley
Spare the Cell, Spoil the Child:
Early History and Philosophy of American Juvenile Justice
Michael Musheno,
Legal Studies
G Ben Grunwald, University of Pennsylvania Questioning Blackmun's Thesis: Does Uniformity in Sentencing Entail Unfairness? Eric Feldman,
School of Law
2011 U Kory Redding,
University of North Texas
When the Chief Dissents: Examining the Institutional Consequences of Administrative Responsibilities, 1946-2008 Paul M. Collins, Jr. Political Science
G Shauhin A. Talesh, University of California, Berkeley How Organizations Shape the Meaning of Law: A Comparative Analysis of Dispute Resolution Structures and Consumer Lemon Laws Lauren B. Edelman, Jurisprudence and Social Policy
2010 U Erin Mitchell,
Drake University
Dangerous, Dirty and Disgusting: An Exploration of the American Narrative of Birth Renee Cramer, Law, Politics and Society
G Ashley T. Rubin, University of California, Berkeley

Race, Ethnicity, and Nativity at Eastern State Penitentiary: A Study of the Variation in Sentence Length, 1829-1871 Malcolm Feeley, Jurisprudence and Social Policy
2009 U Clare F. Ryan
Macalester College
Confronting Childhood: Courts and the Contradictions of Juvenile Justice Patrick Schmidt,
Political Science
G Gwendolyn Leachman, University of California, Berkeley

Who Frames the Message? Counter Movements and Public Perception of Social Movements' Legal Agendas Catherine Albiston, Jurisprudence and Social Policy
2008 U Patricia Bass
Macalester College
Regulating the ‘Social Mix:’ How and Why Do France and the U.S. Desegregate Housing Eric Larson, Sociology
G Mark Fathi Massoud, University of California, Berkeley Myth‑making and the Collision of Rights in Sudan Lauren Edelman, Jurisprudence and Social Policy
2007 U Rebecca Sheff
Macalester College
Strategic Choices in Diverse Contexts: The Maasai Indigenous Rights Movement Eric Larson,
G Philip Goodman, University of California, Irvine It's Just Black, White or Hispanic":  An Ethno- graphic Examination of Racializing Moves in California's Segregated Prison Reception Centers Valerie Jenness, Criminology, Law and Society
2006 U Ian Richardson
University of California, Berkeley
From Institutional Change to Customer Service: The Development of the Practical Meaning of Title VI Charles McClain, Jurisprudence and Social Policy
G Ariel Meyerstein,
University of California, Berkeley

Scott Leon Washington
Princeton University
Between Law and Culture: Rwanda's Gacaca and Postcolonial Legality

The Killing Fields Revisited: Lynching and Anti- Miscegenation Legislation in the Jim Crow South, 1882-1930

Jonathan Simon, Jurisprudence and Social Policy

Kim Lane Scheppele,
Law and Public Affairs
2005 U Rachel Lynn Ballard McCracken,
Amherst College
Inside Out and Upside Down in Indian Country:
Law's Colonization of the Native Nations
Austin Sarat, Law, Justice and Social Thought
G Daniel LaChance, University of Minnesota Last Words, Last Meals, and Last Stands: The Illusion of Agency in the Modern Execution Process Joachim J. Savelsberg, American Studies
2004 U John Graham Kimble, Princeton University Insuring Inequality: The Role of the Federal Housing Administration in the Urban Ghettoization of African-Americans Hendrik Hartog,
G Bruce Michael Price, New York University How Green Was My Valley? An Examination of Tournament Theory as a Governance Mechanism in Silicon Valley Law Firms Christine Harrington, Institute for Law and Society
2003 U Yen P. Nguyen, University of California, Santa Barbara Creating Computer Crimes Unites to Take a Byte Out of Computer Crime Ryken Grattet,
G Vanessa Barker,
New York University
The Politics of Punishing: How the Routine Activities of Governance Impact Reliance on Confinement David Garland,
Law and Sociology
2002 U Matthew Cannon, University of Michigan Kulturkampf and the Courts: The Relationship between Judicial Pronouncements on and Cultural Impressions of Gay Rights in America, From Bowers to Baker Richard Lempert,
Law and Sociology
G Aaron Kupchik,
New York University
Making Some Noise: Degradation as Tension Reduction for the Criminal Court Prosecution of Adolescents Jo Dixon,
Criminal Justice
2001 U Rachael Burson,
Amherst College
A Tale of Voice, Justice, and Power: Reading the Representation of Legal Storytelling in "The Accused" Austin Sarat,
Law, Justice and Social Thought
G Brian Glenn,
University of Connecticut
The Shifting Rhetoric of Insurance Denial Tom Tyer,
Keith Bybee,
2000 U Shushanie Isaacson,
University of Minnesota
Diffusion of Sex Offender Registration Laws and Public Access Provisions Therein Across Fifty American States Joachim Savelsberg, Sociology
G John Krinsky,
Columbia University
Organizing Stories: Counter-hegemony, Legal Advocacy, and Anti-Workforce Activism in New York City Francesca Polletta, Sociology
1999 U Emily Samantha Glasgow, Amherst College Taking Children Seriously: Reconceiving Childhood, Imagining Rights, and Respecting the Voice of Youth Austin Sarat,
Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought
G Michele Landis, Northwestern University Fate,Responsibility, and "Natural" Disaster Relief: Narrating the American Welfare State Arthur Stinchcomb, Sociology
1998 U Vicki J. Running,
Wellesley College
Political Rights and Goals: Ananlying the Consituttional Challenges and Policy Considerations Facing Megan’s Law, the Community Notification Provision Regarding Released Sex Offenders Thomas F. Burke, Philosophy
G (co-winner)
Liliana Suarez-Navaz, Stanford University
The Symbolic and Political Manufacturing of the Legitimation of Legality Jane Collier, Anthropology
G (co-winner)
Laura Beth Nielsen,
University of California, Berkeley
Paying Workers or Paying Lawyers: Employee Termination Practices in the United States and Canada Robert Kagan,
Law and Society
1997 U Clifford J. Rosky,
Amherst College
A View to a Kill: Democracy, Television, and Capital Punishment Austin Sarat,
Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought
G David T. Johnson,
University of California, Berkeley
The Organization of Prosecution and the Possibility of Order Malcolm Feeley,
Jurisprudence & Social Policy
1996 U Alexa Klimas,
Princeton University
Why Did We Believe the Children?: A Closer Look at Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Day Care Centers in the 1980's Hendrik Hartog,
G Susan S. Gooding,
University of Chicago
Race,Place and Names: Layered Identities in United States v. Oregon, Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, Plaintiff-Intervenor Elizabeth Mertz, Anthropology & Law
1995 U Clare Melissa Gilbert, Vassar College Pornography v. the First Amendment Adelaide Villmoare, Political Science
G Cynthia R. Poe, University of Wisconsin Those Wondrous Structures Found: The Antiquities Act of 1906 and Federal Indian Policy Arthur McEvoy,
1994 U Elizabeth A. Myrick,
Bates College
What’s Rights Got to Do With It?: Intimate Violence and the Potential of Postmodern Rights Theory Mark Kessler,
Political Science
G Paul J. Neiberg,
University of California, Berkeley
Endangered Species Protection in the United States and Canada: A Comparison of Policy Styles Robert Kagan,
Law and Society
1993 G Avi Tannenbaum,
University of Maryland
Deadly Force: The Influence of a Supreme Court Decision on Police Behavior Sally Simpson,
Criminal Justice
1992 U Marilyn Brown,
Wellesley College
The Meanings of Intoxication: Alcohol, Power and Colonialism in Nineteenth-Century Hawaii Sally Merry, Anthropology
G Michele DeMary,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
The New Federalism in Massachusetts John Brigham
Sheldon Goldman,
Political Science
1991 U John White,
Santa Clara University
Styles of Mediation and Society: An Analysis of a ‘Hybrid’ Approach to Mediation George Westmark,
G John Gilliom,
University of Washington
Rights and Discipline: competing Modes of Social Control in the Fight over Drug Testing Stuart Scheingold,
Political Science
1990 G co-winner)
Rebecca Eisner
uth Zimmerman,
University of  Michigan
Individual Entitlement to the Financial Benefits of a Professional Degree Richard Lempert,
G (co-winner)
Tom Durkin,
University of Chicago
The Meaning of Propensity to Sue Rates John Padgett,
Political Science
1989 U (co-winner)
Sagariki Molly Chaudhuri,
Yale University
The Efficacy of the Temporary Restraining Order from the Victim’s Perspective Kathy Daly,
U (co-winner)
Timothy Pohl,
Amherst College
TheRight to Health Care: Moral Arguments and Legal Recognition Austin Sarat,
Political Science
G co-winner)
Kevin Delaney,
SUNY Stony Brook
Power,Intercorporate Networks and ‘Strategic Bankruptcy’ Gerald Turkel,
G (co-winner
Jennifer Jackman,
Brandeis University
The Emergence and Subversion of Comparable Worth in the 1940's: A Study of the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act DeborahStone,
Radcliffe College